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PHPStorm font rendering on OpenSUSE

On Ubuntu LTS the font rendering on 2019.1 looked great by default, but on Tumbleweed I needed to tweak the settings a little to get the editor to look good. There is conflicting information out there for out of date versions of OpenSUSE and PHPStorm and it took a bit of research to figure out what works for me.

Under Help | Edit Custom VM Options... I added the following lines:


I also set antialiasing (within the main PHPStorm Settings | Appearance menu) to greyscale.

Finally, I added the Dreamweaver CC colour scheme to the editor by saving the xml file in ~/.PhpStorm2019.1/config/colors/.

Restart the application and select the color scheme from File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme




Don't think you want to make it this simple to pipe potentially unsafe input to the shell  <a href=""></a><p>#status </p>


PHP 5.5 drops support for Windows XP / Server 2003

PHP 5.5 will no longer support Windows XP and 2003. Those systems are around a decade old, so PHP is pulling the plug on them.

It was already mentioned on the PHP 5.4 release changelog. It makes sense, but I’m sure it will cause some issues with organisations who have not been paying attention. I would encourage all developers to sign up for the PHP Announcements mailinglist.


WordPress Coding Standards

If you are looking for guidance on how how to format your code, you could do worse than to base it this coding standards styleguide.

via WordPress Coding Standards


[Patch] CodeIgniter Helper class patch for Textile

For those that do not follow me on twitter (@pacifika), I've created a patched version of Textile, the html generator alternative to Markdown, to make it easier to use in CodeIgniter projects. I have provided the patch and patched Textile on support forums of both projects.

[Patch] CodeIgniter Helper class patch for classTextile.php · Textpattern CMS Support Forum.

After patching, you can just use Textile like this:

$text = Textile("Dude this is *my* code!");

For more information read the post on the forums!


Rotate PHP logs

Our php.log was nearing 550MB so I was investigating how to rotate the logs. The easiest solution seems to be using logrotate (ubuntu linux) with a script like follows.

sudo nano /etc/logrotate.d/php5
/var/log/php5/*.log {
   14 days
  rotate 14
  apache2ctl graceful

You can check the configuration by running logrotate --force /etc/logrotate.d/php5