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On Settled Status

So ehm... when a person requires the NHS emergency services post Brexit, how do the staff know that a person is an EU citizen that might requires an online settled status check (which in turn requires a passport, identity card or biometric residency card) and not a UK citizen which doesn't need to (and can't) be checked? If we exclude all measures that are discriminatory?

So either all UK citizens also take their passport with them going forward as well; or this is going to end in discrimination for people  including, but not limited to, those with an accent, "look foreign", UK citizens that've lived or studied abroad (affecting their speech), people speaking another language, or any other identifying marks or clothing.

As not all UK citizens have passports however,  the NHS cannot use the Home Office provided website  to rule out they're an EU citizen. That's just as well as the website doesn't work for UK nationals, it would only tell them they don't have settled status.

As a result this makes the process essentially voluntary for people who self identify as an EU citizen and want to be discriminated against.

Hey where are you from? London. You don't sound British? I was born in England but studied in Amsterdam.

The process isn't fit for purpose.


What is the meaning of a site's Last Updated property?

When running a WordPress multisite, in the site directory each site has a Last Updated property. I previously incorrectly assumed this reflected  when the site's metadata changed, for example the site's attributes. However, archiving and deactivating a site does not change the Last Updated value, so what does it do in WordPress 5.2.1?

As usual the best place to look is the WordPress codebase. It turns out that, on a multisite, this value is updated whenever a post is updated or deleted. It reflects the last content update, not the site's metadata.

By inspecting the html and looking up the property name, we find that the function that updates this is called wpmu_update_blogs_date and there is an action hook wpmu_blog_updated that receives the site_id variable. This function can be called whenever we want to update the value. It isn't used anywhere else.

If we're looking to update this date whenever the site's status changes, then via the same process it appears that he actions to hook into site attribute updates are in wp_maybe_transition_site_statuses_on_update so one could write a quick mu-plugin that updates the Last Updated property whenever these fire.


I miss having tildes in username URLs!<p>#status </p>


So I’m trying to make a tool that also happens to post to twitter but the way they want things to work means every user needs to apply to become a developer or I have to run a man in the middle webservice. Makes no sense.<p>#status </p>


Wagtail on , on top of Django 2.1. Static files fixed by ./ collectstatic!<p>#status </p>


Policing by numbers, a great podcast: applies to all automated reporting.<p>#status </p>


<p style="text-align: left;">There’s a great deal on for <a href="">Acorn</a> my favourite macOS image editor.</p><p>#status </p>


Close second gem of the day is PythonAnywhere this might just make it so trivial to start this music related project I’ve been thinking of.<p>#status </p>


Super find of the day: <a href=""></a>. Great tech, happily supported the iOS app.<p>#status </p>


It turns out I was trying to reinvent Trello with my todo list + notes mashup. But self hosted online, so instead signed up to Trello gold.<p>#status </p>


The <a href="">source to the website</a> is available on GitHub.<p>#status </p>


Hacking a bit on Carbon again. I like tidying up a codebase with no responsibilities. Probably a good fit for portfolios once it’s more mature! Follow on <a href="">svandragt/carbon</a><p>#status </p>


Great post <a href=""></a><p>#status </p>


There is such depth to the Groove Rider GR-16 groove box, I’m reading the manual front to back. So much to master, a real professional music making tool for iOS <a href=""></a><p>#status </p>


Just cleaned out the charging port speaker port headphone port and mic port of my iPhone with a cocktail stick. Restored sound!<p>#status </p>


macOS you could fix “recent” finder sidebar to actually show recent results.<p>#status </p>


macOS, you could add Automator actions for all the common publishing systems.<p>#status </p>


WWDC. I wish non App Store apps could piggy back on the system update mechanism. Imagine no more prompting.<p>#status </p>

> If you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?<p>#status </p>


<a href="">What's Not Included in Facebook's 'Download Your Data'</a>: all the data about you.<p>#status </p>