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Bard Released

Updated again (version - I have fixed all known bugs.

Changes since

  • instructions updated
  • Fixed problems remembering what directory we're working on.
  • Fix: now lists samples with mixed case or uppercase extensions
  • Removed tray icon
  • Menu item to AudioLibraryFolders now works correctly
  • Resizing now works as expected
  • Remember windows position and size between sessions

Download the latest version


Bard 0.3 Released

Bard uses move/copy operations to quickly organise your audio files into favourite folders. You can specify an 'unlimited' amount of folders which can all be used to sort audio to with one click. Other basic file operations such as renaming, deletion of audio is also supported.

In the resources folder you will find a small utility to create a basic audio library structure for you.


*  Added Prefix option to prefix selected files with name of a samplepack for example.
*  misc fixes
*  Enable .aiff samples
*  rewrote buttonmatching code - fixes bug where folders starting with spaces are no longer created
*  Better error checking on files that have been removed, deleted or renamed outwith the program.
*  Fixed hotkeys which got broken
*  Shift click a destination button to open the location in explorer!
*  Updated readme.txt and added tips.txt which are shown randomly in the statusbar
*  Right click rename file(s)

Download the latest version