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Senior Web Engineer. Open web / music. Remote DJ. Tall Dutch guy. #3million


Turn that frown upside down

Turn that frown upside down

People recognise faces. Make sure your logo has a positive connection.


If you send email using `noreply@` then think about why you're not having a human contact? Why are you sending email and missing out on starting a conversation? That's bad business. It also flags you as a potential spammer.


Fancy Zoom Calls -

Although I'm too pragmatic to go through the setup required to get this up and running, I love reading about these elaborate setups


Looking for a way to checkout the same git repos on two machines. Moving the files into cloud sync causes trouble so maybe there’s a tool that export git repo definitions from a folder structure?


My server ran out of space, it turns out NextCloud was holding on to 30GB of trash! Fixed as per


elementaryOS is the comfy slippers of Linux distributions. If Apple ever ruins their privacy game, this is where I will end up.


Firefox's spelling checker wasn't working for me, and unfortunately it doesn't support the macOS default one, so I was seeing a lot of spelling errors. I fixed it by installing the recommended links at


A wolf in sheep’s clothes

Moving contact tracing down the stack fundamentally changes the amount of control users have: you can uninstall a (contact tracing) app, you cannot uninstall the entire OS

That's a very worrying development. 


Upgrade BookStack

I use the following script to run a daily upgrade on the instance:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
pushd /var/www/
        git pull origin release && composer install --no-dev && php artisan migrate --force


I’ve FINALLY setup a BookStack instance (trivial, once I sorted out a Let's Encrypt issue) for reference documentation. Find it at The ‘pages’ functionality for Known is pretty weak, and I think Bookstack will give me a good organisational structure by default, rather than hacking around in other systems. The Braindump will help me note down things I learn and collate my snippets.

I'll move my reference documentation from my site into it over time.