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Carbon 0.2.3 Released

I've released another version of Carbon, the framework powering this website. It's really a refinement and bugfix release, with the following changes:

  • config: Admin password now needs to be manually enabled
  • cache: Correctly generate htaccess
  • deployment: only replace hostnames in text files
  • cache: only write cache when caching is enabled.
  • theme: remove older articles link (non functional)
  • deployment: new feature - replace hostname from a to b before deploying cached site

Releases are available via github by clicking on tags.


To celebrate the new release, I've also recorded another screencast (list of screencasts). In Screencast #4, we create a new post using the admin interface; use the generate site feature to create a full static cache; and finally run the powershell deployment script to deploy to my host over sftp.

All in under 2 minutes!