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Hide Trackbacks - Hide ping- and trackbacks from your comments

Introducing Hide Trackbacks - You can have the benefits of track/ping backs (know when someone writes about posts) whilst keeping the comments clean and uncluttered.

After enabling the plugin, trackbacks and pingbacks are no longer shown on your posts and the comment count is updated correctly to reflect this. You can still access them via the admin panel. NOTE: Although the plugin officially requires WordPress 3.1.2 it might very well work on older WordPress versions (if it does please let me know).
Derived from original code created by  Honey Singh (used with permission of the author).

Installation is simple:

  1. Upload the `hide-trackbacks` directory to `/wp-content/plugins/`.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Download link and information: Hide Trackbacks